Gluten-free Pizza, Takes 1 and 2

Now that we’re officially rocking the gluten-free action, we’ve had to revisit a few old favorites. High up on that list was our pizza: Of course, pizza crust isn’t typically gluten-free. Nor is our seitan-based pepperoni. We solved the pepperoni issue by using tofu instead of seitan. We could have used tempeh, of course; but […]

Cream of Celery Soup

The summer before my senior year in college, my mom and I started cooking together a lot more.  I think she wanted to send me off for my final year (in a house with a kitchen, so no more dorm food) with the ability to make some nutritious meals for myself.  That’s when my love […]

Abigail’s “Hot Potato” and Tomato Gratin

Our friend Abigail: a. not only has the most amazing garden this side of the Mississippi b. can also generally be found whipping up something amazing in the kitchen.  Mark and I were trying to figure out what do do with our enormous yield of tomatoes (those green tomatoes in the last post are ripening […]

Swedish Pancakes

On Sunday my most excellent residency hosts, Krista and Zak (at the Philadelphia Art Hotel) hosted the other resident, Jessica, and I for brunch.  It was super thoughtful of them to make a batch of Swedish pancakes just for me (the only vegan).  I provided applesauce as an egg replacer (1 tbsp as = 1 […]

In Residence

Hot on the tail of Mark’s “Cooking For One” post, I wanted to chime in with the perspective of cooking for one in my very particular situation: at an artist residency, in a shared kitchen, in a foreign country, as a vegan.  I been fortunate to have the time and space to reflect and observe […]

Abigail and Steven Waffles: Veganized!

We have attended many a brunch in the last couple of years- vegan and otherwise.  At almost every brunch, our friends Abigail and Steven descend with their heavenly looking (and smelling) waffles, but alas, they contain milk, eggs and butter.  They kindly gave us the recipe and this last Sunday they debuted in the IV […]

Zesty Absorption Pasta!

We had a pasta craving, but since tomatoes aren’t in season and we’re a little cream-sauced out, we thought this absorption pasta (made similarly to risotto but with less stirring) was just the thing. I don’t know how I feel about the name of this newfangled method of tasty pasta making (so akin to infusions […]

Marty’s Famous Oatmeal Cookies

Every time we visit Amy’s folks–and every time they visit us–Amy’s mom makes us these phenomenal oatmeal cookies. She veganized her original recipe by subbing Ener-g Egg Replacer ™ for the egg–that simple! Originally, she made two batches for most visits (one for us, the other for them and Amy’s brother), but for the last […]

Pasta e Fagioli

Welcome to installment #3 of our Olive Garden Reproduction series: Pasta e Fagioli! By now you are probably–should probably–be asking yourself, “What’s Irreverent Vegan’s deal with the Olive Garden? It’s not even that good!  And haven’t they freaking been to Italy?! Don’t they know better?!” Man. You ask a lot of questions. But we have […]

Mr. Blandypants or “Why I cannot be trusted”

90% of the time we’re adapting an omni dish to a vegan one, I cannot be trusted. Remember this. Before going vegan I was World’s Pickiest Eater aka Mr. Blandypants. Seriously. My pre-vegetarian self, at the ripe adult age of 20, subsisted largely on children’s cereal, cheese pizza, Wal-Mart hamburgers, fried eggs, and generic Hamburger […]