The Gluten Free Action

Our good friends Brooks and Steff suffer from celiac disease, meaning they can’t eat gluten, which largely comes from wheat (and a few other grains like rye and barley). This means no wheat and no wheat byproducts. In a lot of ways, it’s like being vegan, but with worse consequences when you slip up. Our […]

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Well, okay, this isn’t really about Earth Day. In fact, I rarely pay attention to Earth day. It’s like a Hallmark holiday for the planet–telling us that if we can just pay attention one day a year, we’re great people and everything will be okay. However, we all know how puerile the entire concept is. […]

Keeping It Local (supporting local small business)

Every so often we deviate from the straightforward recipe posts to delve into “lifestyles”- themed posts here on IV.  Lucky you- here’s another one!  Mark was out of town at a conference on Saturday, so our friends Ryan and Val consoled me by taking me all over Ypsi and Ann Arbor to see the sights.  […]

Mr. Blandypants or “Why I cannot be trusted”

90% of the time we’re adapting an omni dish to a vegan one, I cannot be trusted. Remember this. Before going vegan I was World’s Pickiest Eater aka Mr. Blandypants. Seriously. My pre-vegetarian self, at the ripe adult age of 20, subsisted largely on children’s cereal, cheese pizza, Wal-Mart hamburgers, fried eggs, and generic Hamburger […]

Non-Vegan Soy Cheese…Seriously?

Speaking of vegan pizzas…we ate out with some friends the other night at the Jolly Pumpkin Cafe & Brewery. Word had it that a person could get a pizza with soy cheese. While the word was correct, the word failed to mention that this was the bogus variety of soy cheese that’s made with…well…cheese. Can […]

Spanksgiving 2009!

Take heart fellow vegans, small victories are still possible! This year, for the first time ever, we did away with the traditional mixed Spanksgiving (omni/vegan) “Separate but Equal” dinner in favor of something more communal. You know the meal–an entire vegan feast alongside an entire non-vegan feast, a multitude of dishes that are identical, save […]

Spanksgiving Faux-Turkey

I first made a version of this with my excellent pals Nick and Uncle Nathan for Friend Thanksgiving years and years ago. I don’t know where Uncle Nathan found the recipe, but over the years it’s become Amy’s and my staple Spanksgiving centerpiece. What’s great about this (aside from being delicious) is that it doesn’t […]

Halloween Candy

So having moved into a house in the not-too-distant past, we found ourselves, as grownups (nominally), on the other side of one of life’s most important doors: the Halloween door. I was kind of excited to hand out candy to the little chilluns, to be the house with good candy. You know those houses. Reese’s […]

organization and aesthetics…don’t knock ’em

In the IV kitchen, we find that we like cooking lots lots more if everything we need is clean, easy to find, and even…dare I say…pretty.  My friend Lauren cooks in such an attractive way.  She puts her veggies in containers as she chops them, cooking-show style.  I told her I observed her doing this […]

Goodbye, Bogle (Hello Vegan Wine)

I’ve been a naughty vegan, and it’s time to mend my ways. Farewell Bogle! So, this being the Vegan Month of Food and all, what better time than now to talk about drinking vegan? It kind of makes sense–I’m normally obsessed with food, so Vegan MoFo’s focus on food isn’t really a change of pace […]