Li’l Spudlies

This is going to seem weird: baked potatoes slathered in Earth Balance ™, topped with homemade chili, topped with homemade tempeh soysage. Behold, the Li’l Spudley! But furrealz, is it any weirder than chili cheese fries? I think not. Amy’s had a taste for some kind of chili potato for the last few days, so […]

Smokey Tempeh Hummus Wrap

It’s funny–those brief moments of cooking genius never occur when you think they will; and they’re never associated with a complicated multi-course meal. It’s always when you’re hungry and improvising. In southeast Michigan, you can get tempeh everywhere. So it’s no surprise that a few different restaurants have tempeh wraps–the TLT at Seva, the lemon […]

Zuppa Toscana

After making an Olive Garden-style minestrone, it seemed only natural to make the zuppa toscana as well. Since we had leftover breadsticks, it was another awesome replica. This soup is very much like the Spicy Potato & Kale Soup, but less spicy and much richer. I used a modified version of our tempeh soyrizo, and […]

Jenny Pasta a la Mark & Amy

Amy had a craving for a simple pasta last night, and we found this awesome recipe on vegweb. We subbed tempeh for the seitan/sausage (because that’s what we happened to have on hand) and uses spinach and kale for the greens. It feels really light, but with tempeh, spinach, and kale, it’s actually pretty substantial. […]

Quesadillas, Etc.

So you’ve probably noticed by now–recipes/menus often come in waves here at IV. This is largely because we rarely deign to countenance leftovers twice, except as lunch. Instead, we try to rethink stuff we’ve already made and pair it with something else we’ve already made and/or with something fresh. We made taco salad a few […]

Taco Salad!

Last year for Amy’s birthday, we went out to a local bar that we’d been meaning to eat at–and they served the most amazing taco salad we’d ever eaten, made vegan just for us. They never seemed to have served it again, though, much to our dismay. So we’ve had this year-long hankerin’ for taco […]

Spicy Potato & Kale Soup

Our neighbor sent us an omni version of this recipe (thanks Adrienne!) for a fall-time powerhouse of a soup. We veganized by subbing in soyrizo for chorizo and veggie stock for chicken stock. Just looking at the ingredients, I think Amy and I were expecting something more like a Zuppa Toscana–a brothy soup with potato […]

Tempeh Soyrizo

I adapted this recipe for TVP & Tofu soyrizo to use tempeh. I don’t really like working with TVP and it’s awesome with tempeh. So. 1 package of tempeh, minced into minuscule crumblins 2 cloves garlic, minced or pressed 1/8 cup red wine vinegar (or mix of cooking sherry & red wine) 1/8 cup soy […]

Southwest Scramble

Due to recent advances in brunch frequency technology, this summer’s been a veritable brunchfest. For the triple-T brunch, we made a Southwest Scrapple. Yes. Scrapple. Not “scramble”. I decided this was a scrapple because it features not only tofu, but tempeh as well. But also because it felt like a scrapple. I didn’t even really […]

Tempeh Tostadas

Tempeh Tostadas Fixins 1 package tempeh, diced into very small bits ~ 1/2 cup water cooking oil several large lettuce leaves, chopped 1 medium tomato, diced 1 medium onion, diced 4 flour tortillas or whole wheat pitas 1 cup (1/2 can) pinto/black beans OR 1 cup refried black/pinto beans vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart ™ […]