Veggie Soup in Iceland

After a long day hiking up Mt. Esja, we decided to forgo any notion of “cultural” American cuisine (what would have been a good choice for this?) and make a hearty veggie soup with what produce was available to us. Since much of Iceland is covered in volcanic rock and ash, a lot of veggies […]

Dinner For Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito & Breakfast Pizza

So, everybody loves breakfast for dinner, right? Like when you were 8 and you got to have Fruity Pebbles ™ for dinner? Well, this is like that–but the opposite! It’s about taking regular dinner-y foods, and converting them into something palatable for breakfast. So, we’re not talking about firing up the grill at 7am and […]

Pinto Poblano Soup

I may have mentioned this before, but one of my all-time favorite soups is Beezy’s pinto poblano. So, we got a hankerin’ for pinto poblano tonight (which isn’t that weird…I probably hanker for this soup half of my waking hours), but it was 8 o’clock and Beezy’s was closed…so, it was up to us to […]

Savory Chik’n Potato Soup

We still had two¬†seitan chik’n cutlets leftover from our gumbo, and this last time we made them in chik’n broth (which added just enough extra zang to make this my new favorite seitan recipe), so, after our beautiful weather turned cold, rainy, and gray, it was indubitable that we had to make a chik’n soup […]

Pasta e Fagioli

Welcome to installment #3 of our Olive Garden Reproduction series: Pasta e Fagioli! By now you are probably–should probably–be asking yourself, “What’s Irreverent Vegan’s deal with the Olive Garden? It’s not even that good!¬† And haven’t they freaking been to Italy?! Don’t they know better?!” Man. You ask a lot of questions. But we have […]


Disclaimer #1: As is oft the case, I point judicious readers to our ubiquitous confessional “Why I can’t be trusted“. But still, observe: Gumbos are like unicorns, all alike, but no two exactly alike. There’s a sort of conventional gumbo wisdom that says you need a few common things, but that you are allowed–nay, expected–to […]

Li’l Spudlies

This is going to seem weird: baked potatoes slathered in Earth Balance ™, topped with homemade chili, topped with homemade tempeh soysage. Behold, the Li’l Spudley! But furrealz, is it any weirder than chili cheese fries? I think not. Amy’s had a taste for some kind of chili potato for the last few days, so […]

Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup and Paprika Cashew Chickpea Salad

Amy’s triumphant return from Budapest brought Grab ‘n’ Growl week to an end, as well as a large bag of authentic Hungarian paprika. Given these two fantastic new developments, it was time to cook it the hell down. We’d been searching for a good recipe for Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup for quite some time, […]

Raw Food Tuesday: Raw Sushi & Siamese Dream Soup

Since we’re just babies at raw, we’re still soliciting help. Our friends Danielle and Becky came to the rescue this week with info on raw sushi. This isn’t to be confused with eating raw fish, of course; rather, it’s about subbing (in this case) an almond carrot puree for the rice in standard sushi. In […]

Roasted Poblano Chili

Welcome to yet another iteration in our quest for the perfect chili. One of our favorite local restaurants, Beezy’s, serves an amazing Pinto Poblano soup; it combines the best aspects of chili, black bean soup, and refried beans–with zang! The poblano features heavily in a lot of their scrambles as well. I was familiar with […]