Kale Chips

Over the winter holidays, our excellent friends Blue and Bei were in town. Catching up one afternoon, Blue brought over a batch of Buddhist-made kale chips, which we proceeded to inhale. They don’t sound like they would be as awesome as they are–they’re crispy, salty, and sort of cheesy-tasting–like a perfect popcorn, with just a […]

Best Hot Weather Snack: Avocado and Grapefruit

I don’t know where I first came across this recipe (if you can call it that; it’s so simple), but grapefruit and avocado has been one of my favorite hot weather treats for a while now.  Chop a chilled ripe grapefruit and chilled avocado half (I like it when it’s still slightly firm) and mix […]

Irreverent Vegan: Cooking For One – Pt 1

My sincere apologies to readers who visit IV for recipes. It’s been a bit scant lately, because of all the “arts & culture” posts. But think of it this way, if they ever release Trivial Pursuit: Vegan Edition, you’ll be golden. The pink/brown pie will be yours! Whoa…that sounded kinda gross. With Amy gone in […]

Green Smoothie

We found this power-packed smoothie recipe at Beauty That Moves.  We modified it a bit based on what we had on hand and what would fit in the blender. Green Smoothie 1 apple, sliced (we used a big crispy Fugi) 1 banana, halved (since we didn’t have any pear on hand) frozen strawberries to taste […]

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Let’s just start this with a picture: Every year when fall blows in and we buy that first jug of cider, a desire for apple cider doughnuts begins worming its insidious way through our brains. This is fueled largely by nostalgia for visits to the apple orchard as kids. Knowing this does not help quell […]


Hummus was probably the first “exotic” thing I ever ate as a vegan, and has remained one of my favorite snacks for nearly a decade. Over the years, I’ve had a wide variety of hummus recipes–starting with the one in How It All Vegan (the first cookbook I ever owned, I think), which has onions […]