Reykjavik Roundup: Days 20 – 23, 25 – 29, Homecoming!

Greetings, friends, from Southeast Michigan! We have returned triumphantly from our sojourn to Iceland. It’s been wonderful to see our cats, catch up with our friends, and settle back in to the quiet life in our house, that we were redesigning while we were out using services from rescomdesigns online. Of course, we miss Reykjavik […]

Sammiches Redux: Homemade Deli Slices and Sweet Potato & Avocado

As many of you probably know, we’re big into the three S’s here at IV: Soups, Salads, and Sammiches. Back in the day, before we’d started to reduce our consumption of processed foods, we were big into the Tofurkey ™ deli slices. We’d more or less given this pleasure up, until I recent stumbled on […]

Summer Grillin’

With the 4th of July right around the corner, the summer grilling season’s about to hit its peak. The 4th may very well be the actual peak for lots of people. For vegans and vegetarians fortunate enough to have a largely veg friend group, or a veg party/event to attend, this is always a great […]

In Residence

Hot on the tail of Mark’s “Cooking For One” post, I wanted to chime in with the perspective of cooking for one in my very particular situation: at an artist residency, in a shared kitchen, in a foreign country, as a vegan.  I been fortunate to have the time and space to reflect and observe […]

PPK’s OMG Oven Baked Onion Rings

Holy hell, these things are killer! Here’s the recipe I followed on PPK’s Facebook page. I pretty much followed the directions exactly, but I used a yellow onion, which worked out great. We did use some of the smaller rings in addition to the largest rings (love those little guys!) and also made our own […]

BBQ Seitan Sammich

I’ve never been a huge BBQ fan, but Sunday was a great day for grilling and Amy decided it was high time for me to give BBQ another chance. So I whipped up another batch of seitan chik’n cutlets and we scoured the internets for BBQ sauce recipes. You know who’s awesome at grilling and […]

Black Bean Burgers Redux

Dear Peoples: It’s almost summer! Time to dust off the grill, as well as those grilling recipes. We posted last year about making your own black bean burgers–since then, we’ve gotten a pressure cooker and started cooking our own beans. Man, what a difference! This latest batch of black bean burgers was the best we’ve […]

Smokey Tempeh Hummus Wrap

It’s funny–those brief moments of cooking genius never occur when you think they will; and they’re never associated with a complicated multi-course meal. It’s always when you’re hungry and improvising. In southeast Michigan, you can get tempeh everywhere. So it’s no surprise that a few different restaurants have tempeh wraps–the TLT at Seva, the lemon […]

Chik’n Club Sammich

I’ve been salivating internally ever since I saw Lisa’s Chik’n Club Sammich during Vegan MoFo. Wait. That seems kind of gross. I wasn’t literally salivating nonstop for three months. I would need an IV to maintain that level of salivation. And you might too. As you’ve probably learned by now, we’re not super into processed […]

Super Simple Homemade Bread

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to move away from buying a lot of pre-made food is to bake your own bread. For some reason, we struggled against this for years, but our friend Jen recently turned us on to this recipe. The genius of it is upkeep. Make more dough when you run […]