Improv’d Pot: Tomato Coconut Veggie Stew

The other night Mark was bereft of inspiration, so I started rummaging in the fridge and decided to concoct a feast from what I could find.  I do this from time-to-time and think it should have a proper name; thus, the Improv’d Pot segment of the blog is born!  Here’s some of what we had […]

Reykjavik Roundup: Days 20 – 23, 25 – 29, Homecoming!

Greetings, friends, from Southeast Michigan! We have returned triumphantly from our sojourn to Iceland. It’s been wonderful to see our cats, catch up with our friends, and settle back in to the quiet life in our house, that we were redesigning while we were out using services from rescomdesigns online. Of course, we miss Reykjavik […]

Reykjavik, Days 8-14: Quinoa Galore! and Southern Iceland

I hope Vegan MoFos average out. Our last MoFo, we posted almost every day. That makes up for the current dearth of posts, right? Right? Because we’ve been so caught up in everything, as well as outside our usual kitchen and food selection, most of our dishes have been really simple, and not necessarily worthy […]

South of the Border, South of the Continent: Refried Bean & Zesty Quinoa Tostada

Taking a brief break from my solitary bachelor existence, I had my mom over the other night and we cooked it down. Over the last year, we’ve opted to cook at home more and more, to the point where we rarely go out. My mom loves to cook too and over the years has come […]

Eyja-fjalla-jokull Quinoa Pilaf with Volcanic Eggplant Magma

On my last night in Reykjavik, we were treated to a real feast, courtesy of Julie (Juliana España Keller) and Nina (Rizzo). I was talking to someone recently about a fancy restaurant in Chicago, and how he was so blown away by the meal that he felt like he actually learned something from it, that […]