Mexican Feast

As many of you know, about once every two months we get a major fiendin’ for Mexican food. Our local options aren’t great, and among those, the vegan selection is pretty much bean flautas. So. We scratch the Mexican itch by making one of several different feasts, almost all involving guacamole, (homemade) refried beans, and […]

Summer Grillin’

With the 4th of July right around the corner, the summer grilling season’s about to hit its peak. The 4th may very well be the actual peak for lots of people. For vegans and vegetarians fortunate enough to have a largely veg friend group, or a veg party/event to attend, this is always a great […]

Homemade Soymilk II: Fun With Okara

Having slogged my way through those first two funky batches of soymilk, it was time to try again, this time using the proper measurements. It turns out that one SoyQuick cup = 1/2 actual cup. Of course! Does anyone else see this as a disaster waiting to happen? That being said, the first batch wasn’t […]

Homemade Soymilk! (with Soy Flowchart!)

So you probably know by now that we here at Irreverent Vegan aren’t down with the container action. We’ve made great inroads over the last few years toward ditching a lot of the packaging and buying more stuff fresh and/or in bulk. At this point, our worst offenders are probably soy/rice/almond milk/creamer and orange juice […]

PPK’s OMG Oven Baked Onion Rings

Holy hell, these things are killer! Here’s the recipe I followed on PPK’s Facebook page. I pretty much followed the directions exactly, but I used a yellow onion, which worked out great. We did use some of the smaller rings in addition to the largest rings (love those little guys!) and also made our own […]

BBQ Seitan Sammich

I’ve never been a huge BBQ fan, but Sunday was a great day for grilling and Amy decided it was high time for me to give BBQ another chance. So I whipped up another batch of seitan chik’n cutlets and we scoured the internets for BBQ sauce recipes. You know who’s awesome at grilling and […]

Dinner For Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito & Breakfast Pizza

So, everybody loves breakfast for dinner, right? Like when you were 8 and you got to have Fruity Pebbles ™ for dinner? Well, this is like that–but the opposite! It’s about taking regular dinner-y foods, and converting them into something palatable for breakfast. So, we’re not talking about firing up the grill at 7am and […]

Spinach Basil Cream Pasta

Does the coop have tons of locally grown spinach because we love it, or do we love spinach because the coop has it? I don’t know if it’s because tomatoes aren’t in season yet, or if the coop’s surplus of spinach has inspired us, but we’ve been off the tomato lately and on the spinach […]

Perfect Chik’n Caesar Salad

It’s…(drum roll)…Chik’n Caesar Salad! But why? A friend was eating a chicken-y version at the bar the previous night It’s grilling season Seitan chik’n cutlets are like crack, except they probably won’t destroy your life It’s the salad that eats like a meal! Caesar Dressing juice of one lemon 2 tsp dijon mustard 1/2 cup […]

Savory Chik’n Potato Soup

We still had two¬†seitan chik’n cutlets leftover from our gumbo, and this last time we made them in chik’n broth (which added just enough extra zang to make this my new favorite seitan recipe), so, after our beautiful weather turned cold, rainy, and gray, it was indubitable that we had to make a chik’n soup […]