Spanksgiving Faux-Turkey

I first made a version of this with my excellent pals Nick and Uncle Nathan for Friend Thanksgiving years and years ago. I don’t know where Uncle Nathan found the recipe, but over the years it’s become Amy’s and my staple Spanksgiving centerpiece. What’s great about this (aside from being delicious) is that it doesn’t […]

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Let’s just start this with a picture: Every year when fall blows in and we buy that first jug of cider, a desire for apple cider doughnuts begins worming its insidious way through our brains. This is fueled largely by nostalgia for visits to the apple orchard as kids. Knowing this does not help quell […]

Small Portions: Seitan Bread Bake, Roasted Acorn Squash Soup, and Scalloped Potatoes

For me, cooking is largely a creative endeavor, like making art–something steeped in inspiration and which doesn’t like being bossed around. For the first few weeks, the MoFo was just a great way to push myself a little harder, a context for creation. But in the last few days, it’s become harder–for better or worse. […]

Fall Everything Soup

It’s that time of year. Well…for us, it’s always that time of year. You have a bunch of veggies in the fridge on the verge of going bad, so you have to take drastic measures and forge a soup from a dearth of disparate ingredients. Some folks loathe this; we  love it. It’s the free […]

organization and aesthetics…don’t knock ’em

In the IV kitchen, we find that we like cooking lots lots more if everything we need is clean, easy to find, and even…dare I say…pretty.  My friend Lauren cooks in such an attractive way.  She puts her veggies in containers as she chops them, cooking-show style.  I told her I observed her doing this […]

Spicy Potato & Kale Soup

Our neighbor sent us an omni version of this recipe (thanks Adrienne!) for a fall-time powerhouse of a soup. We veganized by subbing in soyrizo for chorizo and veggie stock for chicken stock. Just looking at the ingredients, I think Amy and I were expecting something more like a Zuppa Toscana–a brothy soup with potato […]

Breaded Seitan Steaks w/Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts

It seems like a lot of us MoFos are on the same page; winter’s setting in and it’s time for soups and taters. We made Chik’n Breaded Seitan Steaks, boiled potatoes (fresh from our garden!), and steamed and lightly sauteed brussel sprouts. ’twas a downhome meal that Jennifer would have been proud of. We’ve already […]

Battening Down the Hatches III: Pesto Pasta and Baked Green Tomatoes

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Well. The moment I’ve been waiting for, at least–cooking! All this work putting the gardens to bed, canning tomatoes, drying herbs, and freezing veggies and pesto, and nary a recipe, nary a meal. As the final chapter in putting our veggies to bed, we needed to […]

Chloe’s Fall Salad and Amy’s “Everything Goes” Salad

Hi ya’ll.  Amy here filling in for Mark with my first post on IV.  He spent the entire evening helping me stretch the canvas for a ten-foot painting, so he deserves a break.  It’s salad time…just in time for your fall crop of lettuce.  Sadly ours got eaten by hoggish vermin.  We’ll take better precautions […]

Chick Pea Noodle Soup

What better way to kick off Vegan MoFo III than with the quintessential fall soup: Chick Pea Noodle. I don’t know what you heard from those Campbell’s jerks, but the chick pea–not the chicken–in noodled soup form, is the quintessence of fall. Chick peas bleed fall. Chick Pea Noodle Soup 10 cups of veggie/unchicken broth […]