Red Lentil Vegetable Stew

What started innocently enough as a “hmm…what do we need to use up?” soup turned out to be one of our new favorites. Every once in a while I turn to the internets for inspiration. Amy had pinned a bunch of pretty awesome looking recipes on Pinterest, so I scanned through the list for a […]

Reykjavik, Days 4 & 5: Red Curry and a meal at Fish & Chips

I think the excitement of being back in Reykjavik and hanging out with interesting new people has reversed our normal socialization schedule a little. We seemed to go out every night during the week, then kind of hunkered down on Friday to (a) finally get some work done and (b) take a little more time […]

Middle Eastern Yellow Dal with Spinach-Potato Dumplings

There are two popular types of yellow dal–the heavily-spiced, tomato-y Indian version and the subtle, lemon-y Middle Eastern variety. At home, we tend toward making the Middle Eastern version–especially since our favorite Middle Eastern place Al Noor went out of business. With the soup in mind, I need something else to round the meal out. […]

Aloo Dal Makhani

Because I derive such great joy from the bastardization of both the Indian language and cuisine–I present another in my series of madeup Indian dishes: Aloo Dal Makhani. It’s an attempt at a “standard” Dal (lentil) Makhani, but with Aloo (potatoes). It’s very rich and a little sweet. I’m not sure what possessed me to […]


I’m very sorry sir to let the raccoon out of the satchel, but this recipe is, with all due respect, “fusion”. Read: I have bastardized, in my quaint American way, another delicious Indian entree. But the title. Isn’t it hilarious? You know, dal, delicious, dal-icious. No. Truly not funny. I have posted it here to […]

Lentil Stroganizzl

For lack of a better title…this is a basically a dal that tastes like a stroganoff…I served it with garlic/rosemary mashed potatoes and crimini mushrooms sauteed in butter, soy sauce, and a dash of worcestershire (there’s a vegan kind with a spoony wizard on the bottle); we had it later in the week over quinoa […]