Southwest Stack

Pacing listlessly at the bottom of a deep drop in our recent creativity, Amy pulled this little marvel out of thin air: a layer of crispy baked, garlicky sweet potatoes, a layer of refried chili beans, a layer of taco chik’n, a layer of avocado and finely diced onions and tomatoes, all topped with salsa–the […]

Chili – Redux

Now that we’ve posted the majority of our culinary masterworks, things have slowed down a bit here at IV. In the midst of the winter holidays, it seems this goes doubly so, as we turn to many of our old favorites. It probably goes without saying, but we’re big chili buffs. Amy’s mom also loves […]

A Week in the Life: Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Kale (oh my!)

You may recall, we had quite a tomato, potato, and kale crop this year. As promised, our adventures in eating our way through the last of our garden continue. We thought we’d take you through our last week, since used things up rotation style. So let’s recap: Night 1: Squash, Potato, & Broccoli Soup w/ […]

Summer Harvest: Shells al Pomodoro, Tempeh & Kale Stew, Chili, Cucumber Salad

At long last! It’s finally tomato harvesting time! We got tons of lettuce, are still getting kale, and have been getting green beans and cucumbers for a few weeks now, but there’s something momentous about that first big batch of tomatoes. Something that says, “your garden has arrived.” Everything leads up to tomatoes; they’re the […]

Protein Assault!

The universe favors parsimony. Remember this. You exit through the turnstile as someone enters. The universe smiles. Ralph Nader weeps tears of joy. All is efficient, all is bright. Which is a fancy way of saying, I love to work with leftovers (as you’ve probably noticed). Tonight’s challenge: leftover beans (kidney and black) from that […]

Rainy Day Breakfast (Tofu Chili Scramble)

It’s a rainy sunday and we needed a scramble with an extra dose of heartiness. So, hot on the tail of my recent culinary upcycling kick, I whipped up a tofu scramble using our leftover chili and some wild rice from our wild rice and mushroom soup. If for some reason, you happen to have […]

Li’l Spudlies

This is going to seem weird: baked potatoes slathered in Earth Balance ™, topped with homemade chili, topped with homemade tempeh soysage. Behold, the Li’l Spudley! But furrealz, is it any weirder than chili cheese fries? I think not. Amy’s had a taste for some kind of chili potato for the last few days, so […]

Roasted Poblano Chili

Welcome to yet another iteration in our quest for the perfect chili. One of our favorite local restaurants, Beezy’s, serves an amazing Pinto Poblano soup; it combines the best aspects of chili, black bean soup, and refried beans–with zang! The poblano features heavily in a lot of their scrambles as well. I was familiar with […]

Chili Cheese Fries!

Perusing Chow Vegan, we stumbled on this post about chili fries. This seemed like just the thing on an unseasonably warm fall day. Unlike Chow Vegan, we love beans, so we pressure-cooked some up and made our own chili. We followed the recipe for Spicy Baked Potato Chips, but cut the taters into fry shapes […]

Fall Harvest Chili

You: loves chili, has a surplus of butternut squash from this year’s garden This recipe: loves being eaten, smelled, is chili, contains butternut squash Is it love? Fall Harvest Chili 1 large butternut squash 1 large yellow onion, diced 6 tomatoes, blanched, peeled, gutted, and diced finely 1 – 2 green chilis (any variety–YOU pick […]