Couscous Som i Oslo

Most people don’t know this, but spicy vegetable couscous is an indispensable staple of the Norwegian diet. The reason they don’t know this is that I just made it up. Our new friends and fellow adventurers, the Norwegian artists Torgeir Husevaag and Catrine Thorstensen adapted this from a meal they often prepare, kindly subbing veggie […]

Veggie Soup in Iceland

After a long day hiking up Mt. Esja, we decided to forgo any notion of “cultural” American cuisine (what would have been a good choice for this?) and make a hearty veggie soup with what produce was available to us. Since much of Iceland is covered in volcanic rock and ash, a lot of veggies […]

Mod’ed Polenta with Lemon Asparagus and Chickpeas

A guest post by our pal Ryan!  Let’s hope he behaves himself…  😉 I wanted to call this Mod’ed Polenta with Lemon Asparagi and Chickplease but my hands were slapped, and I was told NO because it isn’t nice for folks searching for a delicious dish with asparagus and chickpeas. I could have told the […]

Chana Marksala

There are a lot of chanas (chick pea curries) out there. Generally, though (at least in my experience at Indian restaurants in America, mostly in the Midwest), they can be divided into masalas and pindis. While there are some differences in the spices, the fundamental difference is that masalas have a tomato/onion gravy and pindis […]

Indian Feast

We mentioned last week that our friends Stef and Ken had decided to rock the vegan action for a week, so we thought it would be fun to get together and do some serious cooking. They were game for any type of food, so we thought we’d try an Indian feast. The Menu Gluten-free naan […]

Li’l Spudlies

This is going to seem weird: baked potatoes slathered in Earth Balance ™, topped with homemade chili, topped with homemade tempeh soysage. Behold, the Li’l Spudley! But furrealz, is it any weirder than chili cheese fries? I think not. Amy’s had a taste for some kind of chili potato for the last few days, so […]

Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup and Paprika Cashew Chickpea Salad

Amy’s triumphant return from Budapest brought Grab ‘n’ Growl week to an end, as well as a large bag of authentic Hungarian paprika. Given these two fantastic new developments, it was time to cook it the hell down. We’d been searching for a good recipe for Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup for quite some time, […]

Back to Budapest Dinner

Amy left last week for a return trip to Budapest to finish a video collaboration, make new work, and prepare for an opening there (if you’re in or around Budapest, be sure to check it out). She’s kicking so much ass it’s hard not to feel ineffectual! Since she was flying at night, we had […]

White Chili

Okay. So it’s not really white; it’s more of a yellowish-brown. But you get the idea. This is a lighter, more savory, more mellow version of a normal chili, substituting light beans–like white beans, chick peas, and navy beans–for the traditional dark beans–kidney beans and black beans. Mild green chilis, seitan, and a smidgen of […]

Chick Pea Noodle Soup

What better way to kick off Vegan MoFo III than with the quintessential fall soup: Chick Pea Noodle. I don’t know what you heard from those Campbell’s jerks, but the chick pea–not the chicken–in noodled soup form, is the quintessence of fall. Chick peas bleed fall. Chick Pea Noodle Soup 10 cups of veggie/unchicken broth […]