Summer Grillin’

With the 4th of July right around the corner, the summer grilling season’s about to hit its peak. The 4th may very well be the actual peak for lots of people. For vegans and vegetarians fortunate enough to have a largely veg friend group, or a veg party/event to attend, this is always a great […]

Irreverent Vegan: Cooking For One – Pt 1

My sincere apologies to readers who visit IV for recipes. It’s been a bit scant lately, because of all the “arts & culture” posts. But think of it this way, if they ever release Trivial Pursuit: Vegan Edition, you’ll be golden. The pink/brown pie will be yours! Whoa…that sounded kinda gross. With Amy gone in […]

Black Bean Burgers Redux

Dear Peoples: It’s almost summer! Time to dust off the grill, as well as those grilling recipes. We posted last year about making your own black bean burgers–since then, we’ve gotten a pressure cooker and started cooking our own beans. Man, what a difference! This latest batch of black bean burgers was the best we’ve […]

Grillable Chick Patties

As you have recently learned (you have been following along, right?) from making black bean burgers: The secret to vegan grilling is pre-baking or pre-steaming. Whilst unearthing this fantastic culinary nugget, it occurred to me, strangely, for the first time: hey, I could make a grrrrrillable chick patty. Why this never occurred to me before, […]

Grrrrrrillable Black Bean Burgers

Behold, dear readers! I hath wrought a miracle! A grillable black bean burger! Actually, it’s quite simple. I can sum it up in a word: pre-baking. Yup, that’s it. You bake these puppies before you grill them. I stumbled on this secret making VeganDad’s recipe (adapted from Isa’s) for brats. Their secret is steaming the […]