A Tale of Two Quiches

It was the best of quiches, it was the…well, I guess, okay, of quiches? Here’s the gimmick: one quiche is almost entirely from scratch, the other is almost entirely from pre-packaged ingredients. In the battle of the century, which will win?! Sundaysundaysunday! Be there! (Genius battle plan devised by Amy) Obviously, we were pulling for […]

Southwest Scramble

Due to recent advances in brunch frequency technology, this summer’s been a veritable brunchfest. For the triple-T brunch, we made a Southwest Scrapple. Yes. Scrapple. Not “scramble”. I decided this was a scrapple because it features not only tofu, but tempeh as well. But also because it felt like a scrapple. I didn’t even really […]

Tofu Scramble

There are countless tofu scramble recipes out there…and they’re all roughly the same. Sautee some tofu with turmeric and nu yeast. Add sundry spices. Vary by adding other vegetables. For those in need of a recipes, allow me to muddy the scramble-y waters: Tofu Scramble Required! 1 lb tofu, drained 1 small – medium onion, […]