2nd Annual Breakfast Day!–> Spicy Tofu Omelette and Blueberry Muffins

Last year, when Mark volunteered to spend a Sunday doing our taxes, I decided to contribute by making breakfasts over the course of the day. The menu included Buttermilk Pancakes and Tofu Chard Quiche. I decided to uphold the tradition this year and make some breakfast-y comfort food in several courses. Since I had a […]

Makeshift Muesli

On my  (11-hour!) drive to the residency in August, I stopped at Quiet Storm and  the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh as a break.  At Quiet Storm, I had a yummy brunch of what they were calling muesli, which was essentially cold (cooked) oatmeal, plain vegan yogurt and fruit and nuts–chopped walnuts, coconut shavings and chopped […]

Swedish Pancakes

On Sunday my most excellent residency hosts, Krista and Zak (at the Philadelphia Art Hotel) hosted the other resident, Jessica, and I for brunch.  It was super thoughtful of them to make a batch of Swedish pancakes just for me (the only vegan).  I provided applesauce as an egg replacer (1 tbsp as = 1 […]

Irreverent Vegan: Cooking For One – Pt 1

My sincere apologies to readers who visit IV for recipes. It’s been a bit scant lately, because of all the “arts & culture” posts. But think of it this way, if they ever release Trivial Pursuit: Vegan Edition, you’ll be golden. The pink/brown pie will be yours! Whoa…that sounded kinda gross. With Amy gone in […]

Abigail and Steven Waffles: Veganized!

We have attended many a brunch in the last couple of years- vegan and otherwise.  At almost every brunch, our friends Abigail and Steven descend with their heavenly looking (and smelling) waffles, but alas, they contain milk, eggs and butter.  They kindly gave us the recipe and this last Sunday they debuted in the IV […]

Dinner For Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito & Breakfast Pizza

So, everybody loves breakfast for dinner, right? Like when you were 8 and you got to have Fruity Pebbles ™ for dinner? Well, this is like that–but the opposite! It’s about taking regular dinner-y foods, and converting them into something palatable for breakfast. So, we’re not talking about firing up the grill at 7am and […]

Breakfast Day!–> Buttermilk Pancakes and Rainbow Chard Tofu Quiche

Mark agreed to do the dreaded task of mulling through the taxes today, so I wanted to take good care of him and feed him well all day.  For some reason, I feel like having breakfast cooked for you is one of the most comforting acts someone can perform, so I declared it breakfast day […]

Indigenous Scramble

No, this is not a hilarious dance performed by the natives to this continent–it’s a tofu scramble made with local ingredients, namely wild rice and acorn squash. I like to imagine this as the Thanksgiving Breakfast, pilgrims and natives alike feasting cruelty-free on tofu and native crops. No one gave anyone smallpox and everyone lived […]

Potato (not Radio) Pancakes

Potato pancakes have always been something of a mystery to me. I think I always just assumed they were like regular pancakes, but made with some sort of potato flour…maybe a bit less sweet? For people with gluten allergies? It all stems back to my childhood. In my home town, there’s a restaurant called The […]

Tofu Momelette

So what makes this a “momelette” instead of an “omelette”? The letter ‘M’. I give this 9 points for looking awesome, 8 points for tasting awesome, and 6 points for being kind of like a traditional egg momelette, or “omelette”, if you will. We modified this recipe from VegWeb. Tofu Momelette 1 lb extra firm […]