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Reykjavik, Days 4 & 5: Red Curry and a meal at Fish & Chips

I think the excitement of being back in Reykjavik and hanging out with interesting new people has reversed our normal socialization schedule a little. We seemed to go out every night during the week, then kind of hunkered down on Friday to (a) finally get some work done and (b) take a little more time […]

Reykjavik, Days 1 – 3

Hello fello MOFOs (November is the 4th vegan MOnth of FOod) and non-MOFOs alike! In honor of this being the 4th MOFO, we decided to wait until the 4th day to post. Or not. Actually, as we mentioned earlier, we are in Reykjavik, Iceland for the month of November–so we’ve only just arrived and gotten […]

Eating Our Way Through Manhattan

After a very short stay (for me) in Philly, Amy and I took the bus to NYC to hang out for a few days, since I’d never been. Apparently, it’s a minor crime for SE Michiganders to have never been to New York. I’ve now officially been exonerated. This photo makes the Statue of Liberty […]

Eating Our Way Through Philly

As you probably know, Amy spent the last three weeks in Philly at an artist residency at the Philadelphia Art Hotel (PAH) (whose most excellent proprietors Krista and Zak are both veg, btw!). You’ve seen the awesome Swedish pancakes they made. We also spent a little time out and about exploring and, of course, eating. […]

Swedish Pancakes

On Sunday my most excellent residency hosts, Krista and Zak (at the Philadelphia Art Hotel) hosted the other resident, Jessica, and I for brunch.  It was super thoughtful of them to make a batch of Swedish pancakes just for me (the only vegan).  I provided applesauce as an egg replacer (1 tbsp as = 1 […]

From the Residency: (Mostly) Raw Kale Salad

As Mark mentioned I am currently at a residency at the Philadelphia Art Hotel, run by two amazing people, artists Krista Peel and Zak Starer. I am all set up in a the top floor of a row-house in the East Kensington neighborhood in a studio room adjacent to a kitchenette where, thankfully, I can once […]

In Residence

Hot on the tail of Mark’s “Cooking For One” post, I wanted to chime in with the perspective of cooking for one in my very particular situation: at an artist residency, in a shared kitchen, in a foreign country, as a vegan.  I been fortunate to have the time and space to reflect and observe […]

Eating Out in Reykjavik

Icelandic cuisine centers largely around seafood–it’s the most readily available fresh food. There’s not much arable land and a short growing season, so local produce is in short supply, and generally comes from greenhouses or is grown hydroponically. So it might be surprising that it’s relatively easy to eat vegan in Reykjavik. On the other […]

Eyja-fjalla-jokull Quinoa Pilaf with Volcanic Eggplant Magma

On my last night in Reykjavik, we were treated to a real feast, courtesy of Julie (Juliana España Keller) and Nina (Rizzo). I was talking to someone recently about a fancy restaurant in Chicago, and how he was so blown away by the meal that he felt like he actually learned something from it, that […]

Couscous Som i Oslo

Most people don’t know this, but spicy vegetable couscous is an indispensable staple of the Norwegian diet. The reason they don’t know this is that I just made it up. Our new friends and fellow adventurers, the Norwegian artists Torgeir Husevaag and Catrine Thorstensen adapted this from a meal they often prepare, kindly subbing veggie […]