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Vegan Pizza!

I know what you’re thinking–“oh, another recipe for vegan pizza…” Incorrect! I’m talking about College Inn, a local family-owned pizzeria that serves vegan pizza–complete with vegan cheese and pepperoni. Score 1 for Ypsilanti, MI! We don’t spend a lot of time celebrating restaurants here on IR, but I think it’s worth actually looking at this […]

Goodbye, Bogle (Hello Vegan Wine)

I’ve been a naughty vegan, and it’s time to mend my ways. Farewell Bogle! So, this being the Vegan Month of Food and all, what better time than now to talk about drinking vegan? It kind of makes sense–I’m normally obsessed with food, so Vegan MoFo’s focus on food isn’t really a change of pace […]