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Designer Imposters #1: Pizza a la Denver’s City O’ City

On our recent Southwest road trip, we found ourselves hurling through the Rockies in the early dark of night, heading toward Denver. The drive started pleasantly, heading Northeast out of Arches National Park in Utah, along the Colorado River. The mountains were unbelievably large. I mean, there are mountains, and then there are mountains. But […]

Southwest Road Trip: Santa Fe

After the mind-numbing drive through Oklahoma and the Texas pan-handle, we finally made it to Santa Fe, just as the bachelor/ette parties were kicking off…but not before passing one of the largest crosses in the Western hemisphere, just outside of Amarillo, TX. This is just past the “Jesus Christ Is Lord(… not a swear word) […]

Southwest Road Trip: Quincy & Tulsa

We planned the first leg of our Southwest adventure around seeing friends along the way to Santa Fe, for a little catching up and couch/bed surfing. Our first stop (after 10+ hours of driving) was Quincy, Illinois (a small town in the far west of central Illinois, almost in Missouri) to see our superlative pals Jen, […]

Week of Raw Day 4: Falafel and Cashew Ice Cream

Victory at last! After a few days of good-but-not-great raw food, we have finally achieved greatness. After days of planning and preparation, the raw falafel we’ve been working on were finally done–and were delicious. We’ve been struggling for years now with homemade falafel–in any form and any way of cooking. We’ve never found just the […]

Eating Our Way Through Manhattan

After a very short stay (for me) in Philly, Amy and I took the bus to NYC to hang out for a few days, since I’d never been. Apparently, it’s a minor crime for SE Michiganders to have never been to New York. I’ve now officially been exonerated. This photo makes the Statue of Liberty […]

Eating Our Way Through Philly

As you probably know, Amy spent the last three weeks in Philly at an artist residency at the Philadelphia Art Hotel (PAH) (whose most excellent proprietors Krista and Zak are both veg, btw!). You’ve seen the awesome Swedish pancakes they made. We also spent a little time out and about exploring and, of course, eating. […]

From the Residency: (Mostly) Raw Kale Salad

As Mark mentioned I am currently at a residency at the Philadelphia Art Hotel, run by two amazing people, artists Krista Peel and Zak Starer. I am all set up in a the top floor of a row-house in the East Kensington neighborhood in a studio room adjacent to a kitchenette where, thankfully, I can once […]

The Beers of Iceland…and Denmark

Whenever I travel, I like to check out the local beers (and liquors)–whether it be a new country or just a new city. Additionally, I like to try imported beers from neighboring-ish countries, apparently. In my zeal to grab a variety of Icelandic beers (you can buy them individually, I don’t drink that much), I […]

Day Trip to Boston

Okay, so this isn’t Iceland yet–we had a 9 hour layover in Boston (there’s pretty much only one airline that goes to Iceland, and it only leaves twice a day, and only from a few cities, and flying to Boston at night is $300/person more than flying there in the morning; it reminds me of […]

Non-Vegan Soy Cheese…Seriously?

Speaking of vegan pizzas…we ate out with some friends the other night at the Jolly Pumpkin Cafe & Brewery. Word had it that a person could get a pizza with soy cheese. While the word was correct, the word failed to mention that this was the bogus variety of soy cheese that’s made with…well…cheese. Can […]