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Hospitaliano, Irreverent Vegan Style

If you’re like us, you often feel nostalgic for things that maybe aren’t that awesome. But there’s a context, a larger experience that imbues them with something better, gives them a prominent place in our happy memories. The Olive Garden is one of those for us. For both of our families, it was one of […]

Tom Kha Soup w/Squash & “Thai” Salad

Of all the soups on this Earth, the Thai Tom Kha is among my favorites. We were introduced to it at the Thai Pavilion in DeKalb, IL–where I was introduced to Thai food in general. There seem to be lots of varieties of this tofu & coconut soup–some sweet and rich, others more savory–and the […]

Pomegranate Winter Salad & Acorn Squash Soup

There’s nothing like the holidays to totally derail your best efforts to  be healthy. With family wanting to take you out to dinner, friends it would be criminal not to share a vegan pizza joint with, and the liquor. Oh, the liquor. So. After the holidays, Amy and I found we were desperately craving a […]

Taco Salad!

Last year for Amy’s birthday, we went out to a local bar that we’d been meaning to eat at–and they served the most amazing taco salad we’d ever eaten, made vegan just for us. They never seemed to have served it again, though, much to our dismay. So we’ve had this year-long hankerin’ for taco […]

Chloe’s Fall Salad and Amy’s “Everything Goes” Salad

Hi ya’ll.  Amy here filling in for Mark with my first post on IV.  He spent the entire evening helping me stretch the canvas for a ten-foot painting, so he deserves a break.  It’s salad time…just in time for your fall crop of lettuce.  Sadly ours got eaten by hoggish vermin.  We’ll take better precautions […]

Green Powerhouse Salad

Hulk love salad. Hulk green. Salad green. This salad was kinda fun. Yes. I just said a salad was fun. This is a cooking blog and I am vegan…so…this can’t be that big of a shock. Instead of lettuce, it uses raw kale marinated in a creamy Asian avocado dressing. For additional power and/or flavor, […]