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Banana YumYum

A couple years ago, after eating a delicious dinner with our friends Bei Li and Blue, Blue treated us to a fantastic frozen, creamy, berry-laden dessert. It was a lot like ice cream, but subtly different. Blue challenged us to figure out what was in it. Title of this post notwithstanding, what would you make […]

Green Smoothie

We found this power-packed smoothie recipe at Beauty That Moves.  We modified it a bit based on what we had on hand and what would fit in the blender. Green Smoothie 1 apple, sliced (we used a big crispy Fugi) 1 banana, halved (since we didn’t have any pear on hand) frozen strawberries to taste […]

Raw Food Tuesday: Raw Sushi & Siamese Dream Soup

Since we’re just babies at raw, we’re still soliciting help. Our friends Danielle and Becky came to the rescue this week with info on raw sushi. This isn’t to be confused with eating raw fish, of course; rather, it’s about subbing (in this case) an almond carrot puree for the rice in standard sushi. In […]

Raw Food Tuesday: Pesto Pasta & Rawsage

Amy decreed yesterday that today would be Raw Food Tuesday (stolen shamelessly from What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway), which probably means that we shouldn’t have had that Chik’n Club Sammich for lunch…we did, however blaze a new trail in raw food dinners. Well, a new trail for us: rawsage & pesto-laden zucchini-based […]