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A Tale of Two Quiches

It was the best of quiches, it was the…well, I guess, okay, of quiches? Here’s the gimmick: one quiche is almost entirely from scratch, the other is almost entirely from pre-packaged ingredients. In the battle of the century, which will win?! Sundaysundaysunday! Be there! (Genius battle plan devised by Amy) Obviously, we were pulling for […]

Southwest Scramble

Due to recent advances in brunch frequency technology, this summer’s been a veritable brunchfest. For the triple-T brunch, we made a Southwest Scrapple. Yes. Scrapple. Not “scramble”. I decided this was a scrapple because it features not only tofu, but tempeh as well. But also because it felt like a scrapple. I didn’t even really […]

Biscuits and Gravy

Man, since giving up meat, one of the things that I totally miss is biscuits and gravy, especially after a night of hard drinking. Hell, I miss breakfast. You can’t really go out for a great breakfast when you’re vegan (unless you live in a town cool enough to do vegan brunch). You have to […]

Breakfast Tostadas

Maybe it’s because we live an in area full of delicious food of every ethnicity but Mexican…but here’s yet another Mexican delight. I’ve been trying to improve my paltry breakfast repertoire. This is probably somewhat akin to a scrambled huevos rancheros. Or maybe that’s huevos rancheros escramblados. Eat it. Breakfast Tostadas 4 soft flour or […]