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Spanksgiving in Reykjavik!

This year, Amy and I spent our first Spanksgiving abroad. While it was a bummer to be away from our friends and families, it was really great to spend it with some of our new friends here in Reykjavik. While it’s a fairly obvious fact that other countries don’t celebrate the same Thanksgiving as we […]

Abigail’s “Hot Potato” and Tomato Gratin

Our friend Abigail: a. not only has the most amazing garden this side of the Mississippi b. can also generally be found whipping up something amazing in the kitchen.  Mark and I were trying to figure out what do do with our enormous yield of tomatoes (those green tomatoes in the last post are ripening […]

French Bread Pizza

Years ago, long before the advent of a palatable vegan cheese, long enough ago that we still craved such substitutes ravenously, we stumbled upon Jo Stepaniak’s excellent french bread pizza recipe from her Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook (a revelation back in those days). Instead of a separate cheese and sauce, which never turned out very good, […]

Homemade Soymilk II: Fun With Okara

Having slogged my way through those first two funky batches of soymilk, it was time to try again, this time using the proper measurements. It turns out that one SoyQuick cup = 1/2 actual cup. Of course! Does anyone else see this as a disaster waiting to happen? That being said, the first batch wasn’t […]

Baked Pakora w/ Dhaniya

The Indian Feast Saturday night would not have been the same without pakora.  We especially like that our version is baked, not deep fried.  If you know anything about us here at IV, you know that we leave frying to greasy spoons and love adapting fried recipes to delicious (and healthier) baked ones almost as […]

Gluten-Free Naan

Stef is allergic to wheat products, so we rocked the gluten-free naan action for the Indian Feast.  She and Ken came prepared with this recipe, which we veganized.  It was some superlative naan, I assure you.  I should mention that before they arrived on Saturday night, I searched high and low all over the interwebs […]

PPK’s OMG Oven Baked Onion Rings

Holy hell, these things are killer! Here’s the recipe I followed on PPK’s Facebook page. I pretty much followed the directions exactly, but I used a yellow onion, which worked out great. We did use some of the smaller rings in addition to the largest rings (love those little guys!) and also made our own […]

Marty’s Famous Oatmeal Cookies

Every time we visit Amy’s folks–and every time they visit us–Amy’s mom makes us these phenomenal oatmeal cookies. She veganized her original recipe by subbing Ener-g Egg Replacer ™ for the egg–that simple! Originally, she made two batches for most visits (one for us, the other for them and Amy’s brother), but for the last […]

White Lasagna

Since we’ve used up all of our canned sauce from last year–and for a change of pace–we’ve been making a lot of white sauces lately. This is a variation of our standard lasagna, taking a page from the al-faux-do book. White Lasagna The Essentials white sauce 12 large lasagna noodles faux-ricotta 2 medium-sized tomatoes, sliced […]

Flatbread Pizza!

Remember the days before awesome vegan cheese? When you were mocked at every turn by faux-ass non-vegan soy cheese? Or the days of terrible vegan cheese perhaps? After myriad pizza disasters, Amy and I discovered that just leaving out the cheese could be awesome–especially if you leave out the processed sauce and use fresh tomatoes. […]