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Eyja-fjalla-jokull Quinoa Pilaf with Volcanic Eggplant Magma

On my last night in Reykjavik, we were treated to a real feast, courtesy of Julie (Juliana España Keller) and Nina (Rizzo). I was talking to someone recently about a fancy restaurant in Chicago, and how he was so blown away by the meal that he felt like he actually learned something from it, that […]

Keeping It Local (supporting local small business)

Every so often we deviate from the straightforward recipe posts to delve into “lifestyles”- themed posts here on IV.  Lucky you- here’s another one!  Mark was out of town at a conference on Saturday, so our friends Ryan and Val consoled me by taking me all over Ypsi and Ann Arbor to see the sights.  […]

Mr. Blandypants or “Why I cannot be trusted”

90% of the time we’re adapting an omni dish to a vegan one, I cannot be trusted. Remember this. Before going vegan I was World’s Pickiest Eater aka Mr. Blandypants. Seriously. My pre-vegetarian self, at the ripe adult age of 20, subsisted largely on children’s cereal, cheese pizza, Wal-Mart hamburgers, fried eggs, and generic Hamburger […]

Breakfast Day!–> Buttermilk Pancakes and Rainbow Chard Tofu Quiche

Mark agreed to do the dreaded task of mulling through the taxes today, so I wanted to take good care of him and feed him well all day.  For some reason, I feel like having breakfast cooked for you is one of the most comforting acts someone can perform, so I declared it breakfast day […]

Non-Vegan Soy Cheese…Seriously?

Speaking of vegan pizzas…we ate out with some friends the other night at the Jolly Pumpkin Cafe & Brewery. Word had it that a person could get a pizza with soy cheese. While the word was correct, the word failed to mention that this was the bogus variety of soy cheese that’s made with…well…cheese. Can […]

Where the Magic Happens

I suspect that many of you out there are just as voyeuristic as I am when it comes to seeing other people’s spaces.  Even though I can afford none of the glory inside, I love picking up a Dwell magazine just for the photos.  Apartment therapy?  Please and thank you.  And don’t even get me […]

Gulping Beauty in Budapest

Dudes, dudettes, trans/inter/cross-dudered: This month’s VegNews features Amy’s article “Blissful Budapest” about rockin’ the vegan lifestyle while on an artist’s residency in Budapest, Hungary! Somehow, while making art, Amy also manages to be a world-famous travel-writer. See? I told you she was superlative! You’ll probably recognize her excellent photography skills–she not only wrote the article, […]

Vegan MoFo Quiz 2009

Jennifer from Scrumpdilly passed this my way. I almost never do these things–but the straight-up cooking theme made this a little more compelling. Brought to you by Lauren of Whoa Wren! 1. Favorite non-dairy milk? Currently, almond–but only Almond Breeze ™ plain, unsweetened 2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to cook? […]

A Tale of Two Quiches

It was the best of quiches, it was the…well, I guess, okay, of quiches? Here’s the gimmick: one quiche is almost entirely from scratch, the other is almost entirely from pre-packaged ingredients. In the battle of the century, which will win?! Sundaysundaysunday! Be there! (Genius battle plan devised by Amy) Obviously, we were pulling for […]

Tofu Scramble

There are countless tofu scramble recipes out there…and they’re all roughly the same. Sautee some tofu with turmeric and nu yeast. Add sundry spices. Vary by adding other vegetables. For those in need of a recipes, allow me to muddy the scramble-y waters: Tofu Scramble Required! 1 lb tofu, drained 1 small – medium onion, […]