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Battening Down the Hatches I: Adventures in Canning

If, like us, you live in Southeast Michigan, winter is nigh! Last weekend was the first freeze, so it was time to batten down the hatches and begin the winter nesting ritual: putting the gardens to bed, harvesting the veggies, bringing in the rain barrels, and this year, canning. Canning is something we’ve meant to […]

Pressure Cookin’ (For Great Justice!)

My folks got me a pressure cooker for my birthday this year: This is awesome, because we’ve been rockin’ dried bulk beans. Which in turn means we’re: not using new containers saving money cutting down on transport costs more nearly ready for the Zombie Apocalypse After 1.5 weeks (so I’m an official master now), I’ve […]

TV Dinner

Most of the pictures you see on IV are taken at our dining room table…where we often eat…well…not that often. Not as often as we should. Instead, like many Americans, we frequently eat in front of the “TV” (we don’t actually have a TV, per se; we’ve got a projector…on which we watch TV-on-DVD/Netflix). What […]

Taking Stock of Containerized Foods

As you probably gathered from A Tale of Two Quiches, we try not to use a lot of pre-packaged foods. In the words of Werner Herzog: “But WHY?!” For us, there are two main reasons (and lots of smaller, interconnected issues): the packages the food comes in produce a lot of unnecessary waste–especially stuff that […]