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Snow Day!

School was canceled for today (much to my students’ delight) and after we shoveled our van out of the driveway and went to the store for provisions, we’re in for the day.  Here are some images from an IV snow day: I assure you there’s oatmeal under all those fixins: almond milk, ground flax seed, […]

Battening Down the Hatches, Year 2

Actually, this is our fifth year of hatch battening, but the second year of blogging about hatches and the battening down thereof. Partly due to better planning, but mostly due to better weather, our harvest this year was more substantial than last year’s (we supplemented our tomato and basil crop at the Farmer’s Market last […]

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Well, okay, this isn’t really about Earth Day. In fact, I rarely pay attention to Earth day. It’s like a Hallmark holiday for the planet–telling us that if we can just pay attention one day a year, we’re great people and everything will be okay. However, we all know how puerile the entire concept is. […]

Keeping It Local (supporting local small business)

Every so often we deviate from the straightforward recipe posts to delve into “lifestyles”- themed posts here on IV.  Lucky you- here’s another one!  Mark was out of town at a conference on Saturday, so our friends Ryan and Val consoled me by taking me all over Ypsi and Ann Arbor to see the sights.  […]

Battening Down the Hatches IV: Dried Herbs

Okay. I know we assured you previously that the hatches were officially battened, that you could rest easy, tucked in for the winter. But, as Derrida suggests, battening is always deferred. There’re always some loose end to tie up. Remember those herbs from out garden that we hung up to dry? Well, you eventually have […]

Where the Magic Happens

I suspect that many of you out there are just as voyeuristic as I am when it comes to seeing other people’s spaces.  Even though I can afford none of the glory inside, I love picking up a Dwell magazine just for the photos.  Apartment therapy?  Please and thank you.  And don’t even get me […]

Halloween Candy

So having moved into a house in the not-too-distant past, we found ourselves, as grownups (nominally), on the other side of one of life’s most important doors: the Halloween door. I was kind of excited to hand out candy to the little chilluns, to be the house with good candy. You know those houses. Reese’s […]

organization and aesthetics…don’t knock ’em

In the IV kitchen, we find that we like cooking lots lots more if everything we need is clean, easy to find, and even…dare I say…pretty.  My friend Lauren cooks in such an attractive way.  She puts her veggies in containers as she chops them, cooking-show style.  I told her I observed her doing this […]

Battening Down the Hatches III: Pesto Pasta and Baked Green Tomatoes

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Well. The moment I’ve been waiting for, at least–cooking! All this work putting the gardens to bed, canning tomatoes, drying herbs, and freezing veggies and pesto, and nary a recipe, nary a meal. As the final chapter in putting our veggies to bed, we needed to […]

Battening Down the Hatches II: Bedtime for Veggies

Okay. So we’ve pretty much got tomatoes covered (we’ll talk about green tomatoes in the next post). So let’s talk about gardens, and the putting-to-bed thereof. Wait. First let’s talk about the gardens themselves. A few years ago, while visiting Amy’s fambly in Georgia, we stumbled upon an old copy of Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot […]