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Garden Israeli Couscous

Last night our good friend Blue stopped in for dinner, and brought a giant picnic basket full of fresh zucchini, summer squash, kale, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes from the local community garden, who he’d been doing some work for (he’s a carpenter/artist). Amy and I had been wracking our brains for something interesting to make […]

Sustainable Gardening I

While you certainly don’t have to be vegan to garden, and don’t have to garden to be vegan, the two are tightly connected. It’s true that the local farmers at the farmers’ market probably know a lot more and do a lot better at growing food than us. And we aren’t (yet) able to grow […]

Mod’ed Polenta with Lemon Asparagus and Chickpeas

A guest post by our pal Ryan!  Let’s hope he behaves himself…  😉 I wanted to call this Mod’ed Polenta with Lemon Asparagi and Chickplease but my hands were slapped, and I was told NO because it isn’t nice for folks searching for a delicious dish with asparagus and chickpeas. I could have told the […]

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Well, okay, this isn’t really about Earth Day. In fact, I rarely pay attention to Earth day. It’s like a Hallmark holiday for the planet–telling us that if we can just pay attention one day a year, we’re great people and everything will be okay. However, we all know how puerile the entire concept is. […]

Breakfast Day!–> Buttermilk Pancakes and Rainbow Chard Tofu Quiche

Mark agreed to do the dreaded task of mulling through the taxes today, so I wanted to take good care of him and feed him well all day.  For some reason, I feel like having breakfast cooked for you is one of the most comforting acts someone can perform, so I declared it breakfast day […]

Battening Down the Hatches IV: Dried Herbs

Okay. I know we assured you previously that the hatches were officially battened, that you could rest easy, tucked in for the winter. But, as Derrida suggests, battening is always deferred. There’re always some loose end to tie up. Remember those herbs from out garden that we hung up to dry? Well, you eventually have […]

Battening Down the Hatches III: Pesto Pasta and Baked Green Tomatoes

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Well. The moment I’ve been waiting for, at least–cooking! All this work putting the gardens to bed, canning tomatoes, drying herbs, and freezing veggies and pesto, and nary a recipe, nary a meal. As the final chapter in putting our veggies to bed, we needed to […]

Battening Down the Hatches II: Bedtime for Veggies

Okay. So we’ve pretty much got tomatoes covered (we’ll talk about green tomatoes in the next post). So let’s talk about gardens, and the putting-to-bed thereof. Wait. First let’s talk about the gardens themselves. A few years ago, while visiting Amy’s fambly in Georgia, we stumbled upon an old copy of Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot […]

Battening Down the Hatches I: Adventures in Canning

If, like us, you live in Southeast Michigan, winter is nigh! Last weekend was the first freeze, so it was time to batten down the hatches and begin the winter nesting ritual: putting the gardens to bed, harvesting the veggies, bringing in the rain barrels, and this year, canning. Canning is something we’ve meant to […]