Designer Imposters #1: Pizza a la Denver’s City O’ City

On our recent Southwest road trip, we found ourselves hurling through the Rockies in the early dark of night, heading toward Denver. The drive started pleasantly, heading Northeast out of Arches National Park in Utah, along the Colorado River. The mountains were unbelievably large. I mean, there are mountains, and then there are mountains. But […]

Summer Scapes

Garlic scapes, that is. Never heard of ’em? We hadn’t either until Amy recently stumbled upon them in a blog post (which we cannot, for the life of us, locate–thank you anonymous vegan blog–you are a true unsung hero). Garlic scapes (the long curly green stalks in the picture above) are the young stems from […]

The Greatest Stir Fry Ever Told

…well, the greatest stir fry ever told by us at least. A few weeks back, we stayed with our pals Jeremy, Beth, and their adorable daughter Adelle. Jeremy, a roommate and bandmate from days of yore, and an excellent cook, was kind enough to prepare a stir fry for us. We sous-chef’d, picking peas from […]

Southwest Road Trip: Santa Fe

After the mind-numbing drive through Oklahoma and the Texas pan-handle, we finally made it to Santa Fe, just as the bachelor/ette parties were kicking off…but not before passing one of the largest crosses in the Western hemisphere, just outside of Amarillo, TX. This is just past the “Jesus Christ Is Lord(… not a swear word) […]

Southwest Road Trip: Quincy & Tulsa

We planned the first leg of our Southwest adventure around seeing friends along the way to Santa Fe, for a little catching up and couch/bed surfing. Our first stop (after 10+ hours of driving) was Quincy, Illinois (a small town in the far west of central Illinois, almost in Missouri)┬áto see our superlative pals Jen, […]

Southwest Road Trip: Packing Up

Our excellent pals Jason and Allison were getting married in Santa Fe this summer (congrats guys!) and, unusually for us, we didn’t have any large trips planned. We’d never been to the southwest, so we decided, what better excuse to plan an immense three week southwest road trip? Here’s the itinerary: Quincy, Illinois (to visit […]

Seitan Gave Me a Taco

About a month ago, we had some friends over to cook down, Mexican style. Our friends Ryan and Val brought Upton’s Naturals Chorizo-style Seitan. These guys (Upton’s) are friends of friends from back in our Chicago days and totally do it right–it’s basically just a bigger, more professional version of the way you make seitan […]


Because we love cooking, we often get caught up in the complexity of intricately combined flavors. Left too long to these devices, we forget that food is more than just ingredients–most food, with just a little coaxing, is delicious on its own. Occasionally, it’s good to remind ourselves of how simple our diets can be, […]

Dear Daiya,

As you’ve probably come to know, we try to avoid most processed, pre-packaged foods, favoring instead fresh local foods, when possible. Orange juice and soy creamer have largely been our worst repeat offenders. Until the advent of Daiya ™, that is. (pictured: quesadillas + baked mac & cheese) I swear, we were happily off the […]

The Mysterious Irreverent Vegan

Well, at least that’s what we hope you’re thinking. We’re not posting because we have a crucial, mysterious mission, of which we can tell you very little. You guessed right. That’s it. Our mission–well, one of them–was drinking this delicious Maple Sour. I’m a big bourbon fan, but not usually a sweet drink fan–not into […]