Disclaimer #1: As is oft the case, I point judicious readers to our ubiquitous confessional “Why I can’t be trusted“. But still, observe:

Gumbos are like unicorns, all alike, but no two exactly alike. There’s a sort of conventional gumbo wisdom that says you need a few common things, but that you are allowed–nay, expected–to play, to invent, to take ownership of your particular gumbo. These things are:

The Southern Soup Holy Trinity: Onion, celery, and green bell pepper. The standard trinity uses carrots instead of peppers.

Okra: Okra.

Roux: This is usually a 1:1 mix of flour and fat (butter, oil, shortening, bacon grease, etc). A gumbo is supposed to be somewhere between a soup and a stew. I find that the natural emulsifier in okra thickens the gumbo to the almost-stew stage on its own, so I ditched the roux in this version. A more authentic version would probably keep the roux and up the stock and/or water.

Meats: These are usually sausage, chicken, and shrimp. We used our tempeh soysage and Joanna/Jennifer’s Seitan Chik’n.

Seasoning: These include cajun spice and gumbo file (fee-lay) powder among others. You can buy a premade cajun spice or make your own. Gumbo file is made from ground sassafras root, sometimes with ground thyme as well. The gumbo file may be a little hard to track down. Our local coop had it (so any place with a good selection of Frontier brand spices). You can also look for ground sassafras.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes.

Disclaimer #2: I fully expect Jennifer from Scrumpdilly to correct me if any/all of this is wrong. She’s actually from Louisiana. She’s made gumbo before. I’ve eaten it. There’s no recipe. Real Southerners keep their gumbo recipes in lead-lined wooden boxes, buried beneath their homes, guarded by raccoons. Fact.


  • 1 lb okra, cut into disks
  • 1 lb tempeh soysage
  • 3 seitan chik’n cutlets, cut into strips
  • 1 large white onion, diced
  • 2 small – medium stalks celery, diced
  • 1 large green bell pepper, seeded and diced
  • 2 cups veggie broth
  • 2 cups water
  • 4 cups tomatoes, with juice (1 large can)
  • 1 tsp cayenne
  • 4 tsp cajun spice
  • 2 tsp gumbo file powder

As with most soups, you’ll want to start by sauteing the onion, pepper, and celery in a large pot over medium heat. When they start to soften, add in the soysage and chik’n strips, browning lightly. Add in the broth, water, tomatoes, spices, and okra, in that order. Bring to a light boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 30 minutes or (better) longer.

Serve on its own, over rice, and/or with Vegan Dad’s Cajun Chickpea Cakes.


#1 N.I.K. on 03.25.10 at 1:06 am

Real Southerners keep their gumbo recipes in lead-lined wooden boxes, buried beneath their homes, guarded by raccoons. Fact.

Half-truth of the skip-rope set. Haints are equally common.

#2 Jennifer Albaum on 03.25.10 at 12:37 pm

I am not really correcting, just adding commentary:1. I don't put okra in my gumbo. It's not necessary, just a preference for some. In Southwest Louisiana, where I'm from, I've had it both ways, but my favorites don't include it. It's still a gumbo without it. Just like you said, gumbos vary.2. Tomatoes aren't found in Cajun-style, Acadiana gumbo. That's New Orleanian, creole gumbo with tomatoes.3. Can't make a gumbo without a roux in my book, but you know I'll be trying your version!4. Never heard of any trilogy other than the Cajun Trilogy: onion, celery, bell pepper. Oh wait, there's the MesoAmerican Plant Trilogy (maize, beans, squash), but that doesn't apply to gumbo unless you want to mix & match, which might be interesting.5. I hate raccoons. I'd never have one guard my gumbo recipe, which, in fact, is in my head based on memory.6. We always served gumbo over rice, then with a side of potato salad. Typical in Louisiana.I need to have y'all over for a gumbo!

#3 ryan on 03.25.10 at 8:51 am

This is pretty close the vegetarian gumbo Val and I made a while back. We also ditched the roux because of the okra’s insane gooey slimy powers.

Although by the looks of it you could use a bit more cayenne.

#4 Jennifer on 03.25.10 at 12:41 pm

I am not really correcting, just adding commentary:

1. I don’t put okra in my gumbo. It’s not necessary, just a preference for some. In Southwest Louisiana, where I’m from, I’ve had it both ways, but my favorites don’t include it. It’s still a gumbo without it. Just like you said, gumbos vary.

2. Tomatoes aren’t found in Cajun-style, Acadiana gumbo. That’s New Orleanian, creole gumbo with tomatoes.

3. Can’t make a gumbo without a roux in my book, but you know I’ll be trying your version! I want to see what happens.

4. Never heard of any trilogy other than the Cajun Trilogy: onion, celery, bell pepper. Oh wait, there’s the MesoAmerican Plant Trilogy (maize, beans, squash), but that doesn’t apply to gumbo unless you want to mix & match, which might be interesting.

5. I hate raccoons. I’d never have one guard my gumbo recipe, which, in fact, is in my head based on memory.

6. We always served gumbo over rice, then with a side of potato salad. Typical in Louisiana.

7. I’ve had good luck with a mixture of Field Roast Italian-style “sausage” and Chipotle-style “sausage”. What a kick!

I need to have y’all over for a gumbo!

#5 Jennifer on 03.25.10 at 12:42 pm

P.S. Your gumbo looks DELICIOUS! I’d eat it right up!

#6 mark on 03.26.10 at 4:53 pm

Ha! I knew it! Maybe a guy would have known better if a certain blog had posted the recipe 😉 If I was at all capable of planning ahead and not just cooking to my (and Amy’s) whims, I would have just emailed you for your recipe. But that would have been far too simple, and far less adventurous. We are the Error Flynns of gumbo.

I think the next time we try a gumbo we’ll rock it Acadian-style and see how that goes. I do love a roux. It pained me to leave it out, but _man_ does okra slime the hell out of some shiz. It was like our gumbo had said “I don’t know” on You Can’t Do That On Television.

And Yes! Do have us over for gumbo, please and thank you!

P.S. If raccoons aren’t guarding your gumbo recipe, what _are_ they guarding?

#7 Jennifer on 03.29.10 at 6:47 pm

I thought of one more tidbit: My gumbo, because it’s not all thick ‘n’ shiz is sometimes called “gumbo juice” in my part of Louisiana. But we never called it that. Just called it gumbo.

Poo, I just tried to find you a link to this website I like all about gumbo and other cajun cooking, but I can’t find the one I was looking for. oh well.

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