VeganYumYum’s Mac & Cheese

Believe it or not, we occasionally make other people’s recipes–especially Mac & Cheese recipes.

The search for the perfect vegan Mac & Cheese is perhaps paramount even to the search for the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie. Everyone has a recipe. Or two. Or ten. We’ve actually enjoyed almost all of the recipes we’ve tried, but never really hit upon that One True Mac. Oh, we’ve had tawdry affairs, but they never seem to blossom until full-on relationships. This dynamic is fueled, perhaps, by our waxing and waning love for nutritional yeast, a key ingredient in most vegan macs.

One of the recipes that has floated to the top in recent attempts is VeganYumYum’s VegYum Mac & Cheese. It’s actually a combination of VYY’s mac with a recipe from VegWeb, and, though unacknowledged, very reminiscent of the Mac and Cheese Florentine from Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. In the spectrum of vegan macs, this one’s pretty complex, in both preparation and flavor. In a perfect world, I might tone down the miso and nooch just a hair and let the cashews, potato, and carrot work their magic.

I’m told by my friend Kathy that the Veganomicon recipe is the one to beat, so that’s next on the list. Amy was awesome enough to get me said Veganomicon for christmas, so I’ll post back with the results soon. What’s your favorite vegan mac?


#1 warrior two on 01.07.10 at 2:58 pm

My favorite vegan mac is made with the “Nutritional Yeast Cheese” recipe from Rabbit Food cookbook by Beth Bee. It’s a nice gooey, garlicky cheese that you can then refrigerate, and make grilled cheese sandwiches out of later! I loooove it.

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